Court Ordered Receiver

On 18 February 2016 the Honourable Mr Justice Mann appointed Peter Whalley and Sue Staunton of James Cowper Kreston as joint receivers and managers of the business and assets of BC Softwear Limited.  This appointment is to provide a limited period of protection to the business of the Company.  It is not an appointment under insolvency legislation. 


The requirement for protection arose out of a dispute affecting the Company but to which it is not a party.  BC Softwear Limited is not insolvent.  It is anticipated that, once the dispute is resolved, the Court will order that the receivership shall end.  At that point, the full management of the Company will be returned to the directors in office in the normal way.


In the meantime, the joint receivers and managers have appointed Barbara Cooke to act as general manager in relation to certain day-to-day oversight of the business.  The Company is continuing to trade as normal and customers will experience no disruption to their supplies.  Likewise the Company is continuing to place orders and payments to suppliers will continue to be met in the usual manner. 


This statement is made to comply with statutory requirements. Anyone having any queries in relation to it are asked to address them, initially, to Katrina Chia at James Cowper Kreston who can be contacted by e mail by following this link or telephoned on 023 8022 1222.