What are Bespoke Flip Flops?

Bespoke flip flops are designed to your specification. You control the colours of the sole and strap, what and where you would like your printing and the material of the sole. Customers have chosen to print on the strap only, on the sole only and on both! The possibilities are endless with your design choices. All that is required is a design and pantone references for your colour choices. Artwork will then be drawn up for you to approve. Lead time from approval of a sample is around 14 weeks.

How does this benefit my Hotel or Spa?

Providing your guests with flip flops instead of slippers in a great way to help the environment. Instead of providing disposable slippers which are used once and thrown away, you can give your guests a pair of flip flops to use during their stay and to take away with them. This is also a great marketing tool as your guests will be walking around with your brand on their feet!

What Sizes Can You Provide?

We can supply up to 4 different sizes. Small (3-4 24cm), Medium (6-7 25.5cm), Large (8-9 27cm) and XL (10-11 28.5cm).

What Is The Minimum Order Quantity?

 The MOQ is 3000 pairs, and you are able to pick up to two different sizes from the above. Prices start from £1.10 per pair.

for more information on bespoke flip flops please call 0845 210 4000 or email enquiries@bcsoftwear.co.uk where we will get a representative to help.