Sensory Retreats - Divine Eyes Masks

Get ready to experience a Divine Escape as you lie back, relax and experience soothing relief

thanks to Divine Eyes, the luxurious eye masks made with natural ingredients.

Divine Eyes help alleviate a range of health and beauty conditions, including dry and tired eyes, headaches, insomnia, stress, as well as under-eye bags and fine lines. The masks can also be used as an effective anti-ageing eye treatment. Gently tap your favourite eye serum around the eye, place the mask on top and the warmth in the mask will help your skin to absorb the product resulting in rehydrated, softer skin. By reviving the eyes with Divine Eyes, you will also treat the body and mind on a multi-sensory level, revealing a healthier, more relaxed and hopefully happier version of yourself to the world.



Dry, itchy, tired and puffy eyes

Tension headaches and hormonal migraines

Insomnia and sleep-related issues

Promote deep relaxation and recovery

Calm an anxious and busy mind

Use as an effective anti-ageing eye treatment



Divine Eyes are luxurious eye masks made with natural ingredients that gently heat as they come into contact with the air. Infused with the relaxing scent of lavender, these masks help alleviate seven health and beauty conditions: dry and tired eyes, headaches, insomnia and stress PLUS they also help puffy eyes and fine lines



Ideal for anyone working long hours staring at a computer screen

Great for anyone with broken sleep patterns

Perfect for sufferers of migraines, tension or hormonal headaches

Great for frequent travellers needing to rest and unwind away from home

Can be used for massage, meditation and yoga sessions to block out light

An excellent relaxation aid for menopausal women

Can be used by all the family aged 5+


Gateway Workshops

Training for Therapists with BC SoftWear products. 

BC SoftWear has partnered with the Gateway Workshops Ltd, the leading training school in the UK.


Gateway Workshops Ltd offer training for complete beginners looking for a career change (or looking for an extra income) and also have many courses for existing therapists - something for everyone.

 Fully insurable & recognised courses covered by the professional bodies. Your training and experience is very important to them as is their reputation - they are confident that their tutors can deliver due to their passion and experience and word of mouth has spread quickly over the years supporting the high training they provide. 


Gateway is a multi-award winning training school with a long standing proven track record, established back in 1998. They have Expert, helpful & passionate tutors, regular weekly dates available - over 25 locations across London, all around the UK, Scotland & Ireland. Their Promise to their students - Need to repeat your days training, you can do this at no charge! You will also receive a complimentary Anatomy and Physiology e-manual ALSO a complimentary therapist accounts package when you book a course with them. They will also help you find work after you have trained with them. Expert and helpful tutors, largest choice of the most popular massage, beauty, distant learning and spiritual courses.


As well as training individual students they also train therapists from Bobbi Brown, John Lewis Spa, Champney's Health Resort, Dolce & Gabbana beauty UK and also train large professional salons like Dior, The Mandarin Oriental Spa at Knightsbridge and the Sanctuary.


Course information and Dates

Gateway workshops have courses for all levels and CPD courses for therapists. Recognised, affordable and insurable training allowing you to use these therapies professionally to gain an extra income, in a clinic, salon or as a mobile therapist.


Venues & Dates Available in London, all around the UK, Scotland & Ireland on a Weekly Basis

Check out their Web Site for Dates and Full Course information by Clicking Here!