Eco-friendly Production

As a leading and innovative company in the textile industry, BC SoftWear is aware of its Corporate Social Responsibilities for the environment. Our main factory in Turkey is similarly aligned with a comprehensive program investing in environmental friendly technologies all aimed at reducing harm to the environment.

WATER The factory has a biological waste water treatment plant and it can reuse 10% of its own total waste water.

CARBON DIOXIDE REDUCTION The factory has started working on reducing Carbon Dioxide footprint and the ‘Greenhouse’ effect in accordance with goals to help the struggle to reduce global warming and climate change through international climate change regulations.

SOLAR ENERGY The factory has installed Solar Power plants on fields and factory roofs and uses its own clean energy to produce our textiles.

CLEAN ENERGY The factory prevents natural gas consumption of 2,465,223 m3 yearly, by using clean energy produced at solar power plants. Another advantage of the solar plants is to reduce carbon dioxide emitted to nature and the factory is preventing a potential 20,000 tons of CO2 emission.

PROTECTING AND SUPPORTING WILDLIFE The reclamation of 1,430,727 trees have been provided by our Solar Power Plants, and therefore, by replanting of 28,000,000 square meters area (an area larger than 8 times Central Park) we are supporting and promoting the protection of animals in their local habitats.

HOME GROWN COTTON In order to reduce the carbon foot print even further, our factory is growing its own cotton, relying less and less on imported yarn.

The Factory in Turkey

About Our Research and Development Textile Centre

Our Turkish factory’s R&D centre was established in 2014 with the primary strategy being to protect and develop our competitiveness, with innovative and technological textile products and the secondary strategy being to develop environmentally friendly R&D projects.

In the R&D Centre Textile Laboratory, we are able to perform fastness tests (perspiration, washing, rubbing, etc.), yarn tests (yarn strength, etc.), colour measurements (spectrophotometer) and physical fabric tests (weight etc.)

BC Softwear also frequently uses the independent laboratory in the UK, Laundry Technology Centre (LTC), to perform tests on our products, specifically to help reduce laundry energy savings, drying times and enhance longevity. We also work together with laundry equipment suppliers and chemical detergent providers, to ensure the right combination of laundry temperatures and detergents are used to enhance our products, and ensuring we work in partnership.

ETHICAL TRADING BC SoftWear is very conscious about ethical trading conditions, and will only source products from suppliers who have the right working conditions and respect their workers’ rights. This is done through regular factory visits, and developing a close working relationship with the founders of our factories.

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